HARRY M. JONES, 1891-1973

Harry M. Jones is listed in the Early Bird's Membership List as the State Aviation Commissioner, 37 Westminster, Portland, Maine
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, June, 1936

  Harry M. Jones, who made, in 1913, the first air parcel post flight from Boston to New York -- in 52 days -- died April 15, 1973 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he had been living since his retirement as an Inspector for the Civil Aeronautics Administration. He was 82 years old. Death occurred in St. John's Hospital in Cambridge, Mass. Burial was in the Mt. Auburn Cemetary also in Cambridge. He is survived by two sons, Harry M., Jr. of Tulsa, Robert H. of Armonk, N.Y. and a Daughter, Mrs. Doris Walsh of Los Angeles.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, January 1974, No. 80
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