LOA LEES, 1893-1986

  Loa Lloyd Loa Lloyd, 1907  
  Loa, 2 years old. Loa Lloyd, 1907.  

Loa Lloyd was the only child of Con W. Lloyd and Lottie (Charlotte Jane) Kennan Lloyd. The Lloyds moved from Milwaukee to Ashland, Wisconsin in 1903, to represent the holdings of the Kennan family of Milwaukee. The Kennans, like other Milwaukee business people, bought up a great deal of land during Ashland's boom around 1900. Loa was in the eighth grade when they came to Ashland. "We always walked to school all during four years of high school. My dad never owned a car there, but we did rent a horse and carriage to take real estate customers out and I used to get to drive it back to Murray's livery stable. On the way, I'd pick up my girl friends and we'd ride around," Loa recalled.
     Edith Dodd, Loa's best friend, said, "My father had his medical offices in the Masonic Temple, and Con Lloyd's office was two doors down the hall. That was where I first met Loa, and from then on, we two girls were chums for life. Loa was such a cute little girl, always wore the prettiest dresses, and patent leather pumps -- an innovation from the city that impressed us small town children."

  Loa Lees, 1915 Loa Lees, 1976  
  Loa Lees, 1915. Loa Lees, 1976.  

Loa's first flight was on June 20, 1915, three days after the wedding. She was Walter's 13th passenger. Walter planned it this way as he was superstitious about the number 13. He always thought it was his lucky number. They soared to a breath-taking 1,300 feet and kissed. Thirty minutes later they were safely on Lake Michigan again.

  Loa & Edith Culver,  
  Loa & Edith Dodd, 1915
  Loa & Edith Culver,  
  Loa & Edith Culver, 1985

This from Jo Cooper's PIONEER PILOT

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