Carl S. Bates
Carl Sterling Bates
from Iowa Department of Transportation

       Carl S. Bates, designer and builder of early gliders, airplanes and engines, and one of our earliest pilots, died August 29, 1956 in an Iowa City hospital after an operation which followed a long illness. For many years he resided in Chicago and only recently went to live with relatives in Clear Lake, Iowa.
     Bates is credited with having designed and flown gliders in 1899, and in 1906 he designed and perfected what was said to be the world's first safe-type gasoline-powered airplane equipped with elevator, three-point landing gear, an air-cooled motor, metal propeller and wing rudders, the basic essentials found in airplanes today. He devoted much effort in his early flying days to inventions which promoted stabilized flight. later inventions included various planes and more recently, helicopters, and he is credited with inventing numerous other things outside the aeronautical field. His entire life was devoted to creative work.
from the CHIRP November, 1956 Number 55
     This page on the IAGenWeb site offers a very nice photograph of his headstone at the Clear Lake Cemetery, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. To access the site, click on the title above.

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