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James Hartness
     "James Hartness (1861-1934) was an inventor, company president, aviator, and governor of Vermont; he was a man of endless curiosity and innovation. He was awarded patents for numerous inventions, including lathes, sundials, and telescopes

     The preceeding quotation from the website serves to introduce the reader to the many accomplishments of James Hartness. The following quotation offers more details as to his experiences and an aviator and specifically as a student of Howard Reinhart.

"At age 53, in 1914, Hartness purchased his own Wright Flyer. The Flyer was still being developed, was inherently unstable, and personally risky, but he was determined to master this new technology. He developed an airfield outside of Springfield, Vermont, and took flight instruction from the aviator Howard Reinhart, a friend of the Wright brothers. James Hartness became one of the first certified pilots in the United States. But aviation was not just a hobby; he serving in an advisory capacity in the development and manufacture of airplanes for the army during WWI."

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Reims - The First Air Race
     This website offers a substantial revue of the race and does include a brief reference to the fact that Howard Reinhart was a participant, although he was forced out of the race when the rudder cable broke in his Dayton Wright RB-1.
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Orville's Aviators
Outstanding Alumni of the Wright Flying School, 1910-1916
John Carver Edwards
Product Details
Paperback: 200 pages; 9.9 x 6.9 x 0.7 inches
Publisher: McFarland (May 13, 2009)
List Price: $45.00
Used Price: $33.33
# ISBN-10: 0786442271
# ISBN-13: 978-0786442270
  Product Description
The six pioneers profiled here were promising graduates of the Wright Brothers' School of Aviation, which flourished in Ohio from 1910 to 1916. These airmen fairly represent their 113 fellow alumni in their all-consuming love of flying.

The pilots are Arthur L. Welsh, a Russian immigrant who rose to become Orville Wright's chief instructor; Howard Gill, heir to an international tea dynasty; Archibald Freeman, whose flour-bag bombing of Boston Harbor won him attention as an early exponent of the supremacy of air power; Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, whose promise as a pilot quickly soured; George A. Gray, whose marriage resulted in an extraordinary husband and wife exhibition team; and Howard Max Rinehart, aerial mercenary, international racing competitor, Wright test pilot, South American explorer, and co-owner of one of America's premier charter services.

About the Author
John Carver Edwards served as university archivist at the University of Georgia before retiring in 2000 as special projects archivist. He has authored dozens of historical articles and scores of book reviews. He is a book reviewer for Library Journal. He lives in Cleveland, Georgia.

Howard Rinehart's
Life of Adventure
A Novella
John Carver Edwards
Product Details
Trade Paper: 178 pages; 6x9 inches
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
List Price: $12.99
ISBN: 1-59457-210-0

" Edwards' biographical novella of Howard Rinehart traces the restless, nomadic, and sometimes tormented life of one of America's pioneer giants in the fields of aviation and exploration. Following his subject's career from his early days in Dayton and Brazil to his tragic suicide outside a Hattiesburg, Mississippi boardinghouse, the author portrays Rinehart as a man increasingly divorced by age and ill-health from his earlier pursuit of adventure and alarmingly out-of-step, not only with his homeland's political and social institutions in general, but with the U.S. aeronautical community in particular."

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