Courtesy of Mark Nathans, 8-16-06
Great Grand Father
Name: Adolph Wittemann
Origin: England
Occupations: Owned New York City double decker bus company
Owned a printing business
Came to USA via Germany
Great Grand Mother's name not known
Charles Randolph Wittemann
My grand father
*The airplane business
*Designed machines to make building blocks
Paul Wittemann (Charles's Brother)
*Ironton Engine Company a large machine shop
Maude? Wittemann (Charles's Sister)
Not sure of first name
Walter Wittemann
(Charles's Brother)
Worked with Charles
First name not known
Wittemann (Charles's Sister)
Otto Wittemann
(Charles's Brother)
Adolph Wittemann (Charles's Brother)
*Engineer on ocean transport vessels
Harold Wittemann (Charles's Brother)
*Big in New York City Real estate
*Claims tio have invented the Mall. It was over a railroad track in New York area

Great Great Grandfather
via email from Wolfgang Tischer, 2-21-08
Hi Ralph,
      I just have looked up the Family Tree and noticed that Witteman Senior did not have a first Name - Well I do have several Items at home from his Printing Business.
      His Name was Adolph Wittemann an his Printing Shop was on 67 & 69 Spring Street, Brooklyn, New York. (Printing mostly Post Cards.) Paul Witteman told me once, that his Father Adolph came from England, His last Name was written with 2 "nn" but changed it to one later on. Many Regards
Wolfgang Tischer
Editor's Note:I thank Wolfgang for this additional information and for enabling me to correct the entry. As you can see, I have replaced "First Name Not Known" with "Adolph." I also thank him for his previous substantial contributions, for which I am very grateful.

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