The Aeronautic Society of New York  
  request the existence of this contract was to be kept secret until he had severed his
connection with Dr. Alexander Graham Bell's Aerial Experiment Association the first week
in March.
     In the matter of that request the Society kept its part of the promise absolutely. But,
form, as a business transaction only, was an historic and most interesting event. This
commission constituted the first purchase of an aeroplane ever made by an aeronautical
society. It was the first commercial transaction of the sort ever made in America. The
machine to be so built would be the first flying machine ever made to order and for sale
in this country. It was probably the first time in the history of the world that money
had been advanced upon the order for a flying machine just as in any ordinary business
proposition. It was in fact the actual beginning of the aeroplane industry in the United
States. It was further noteworthy that, while it started this industry in the Empire
State, it was New York men who took the lad, and i owuld bring the first machine of the
new industry to the Metropolis. This circumstance was certainly one of qui5te unusual
interest, and it is appropriate that the names of the men who contributed to the purchase
of this historic aeroplane should be recorded in this record of the Society's achievements.
The list is as follows:
     Lee S. Burridge, Herbert C. Smyth, William J. Hammer, C. W. Howell, Jr., Frank G.
Burridge, E. T. Tandy, R. E. Sabin, C. W. Howell, Frank G. Smyth, Jr., E. W. Cameron,
C. F. Blackmore, James M. Fisher, Carlos de Zafra, Thomas A. Hill, E. T. Birdsall, Fred
A. Scheffler, O. A. Danielson, J. P Stolz, E. L. Jones, Michael A. Whalen, George BOld,
Albert Huth, Wm. A. Kelley, Dr. S. B. Battey.
     By very skilful engineering of the Press, when the time arrived, at the beginning of
March, to make this interesting fact known, the opposition to the Society succeeded in
  The Kimball Aeroplane                   Photo Edwin Levick, N. Y.

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