Photo Edwin Levick, N. Y.                 The Aeronautic Society of New York  
  1. Hendrickson Glider.      2. Martin Glider.      3. Glenn H. Curtiss making a straight flight.      4. The Beach-
Willard Aeroplane sunning itself.      5. Wm. H. Martin and his glider in a towed flight.      An instant after
this photograph was taken the glider scaled the fence on the outside of the track.      6. Dr. Wm. Greene
making an ascent with the Myers Dirigible.      7. Rear view of the Shneider Biplane.      8. Charles M.
Crout driving the Thomas Windwagon.      9. Lindsay's Aeroplane minus the motor.      10. The Rickman
Helicopter.      11. Wm. H. Aitken at the start of a towed flight with a Witteman Glider.

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