AKA Heraclio Alfaro
Heraclio Alfaro-Fournier
El piloto Heraclio Alfaro deseó éxito
al violinista vallisoletano Julián Jiménez con esta foto.
Pilot Heraclio Alfaro wished success to the
vallisoletano violinista Julian Jiménez with this photo

     Using the Google search engine on "Heraclio Alfaro", you will find about 89 links. Only a few of them are very useful. I haven't found time to examine each of them, but I have selected a few of the most interesting.
The Surname Alfaro
     On this page of geneological information, which was assembled by Antonio Alfaro de Prado Sagrera (Sevilla, España), you will find a picture of one of Alfaro's planes, the TH-E-2-ALFARO. You will find it a little more than halfway down the page. Alongside the photo you will find a brief biography, in Spanish. For my English speaking visitors, I have made the following translation.
     "TH-E-2-ALFARO monoplane, together with the TH-E-3-ALFARO, landed in Sabadell in 1919, in a demonstration celebrated in that city. It was the work of the Vitoriano Heraclio Alfaro (1893-1962), pioneer in Spanish aviation, who built and flew the first airplane in Spain.
     Another Alfaro, Mexican Jose Maria Alfaro, tried in 1784 to fly a balloon in Xalapa, just a year after its invention by the Montgolfier brothers in France. "

You can access the site, in Spanish, by clicking on the title above. If you need an English machine-translation, you can click on the Alta Vista - Babel Fish logo placed conveniently to the right of the page.

     You will find two pages with information on Alfaro's planes and his motor on the AeroFiles website. To access the page, which shows a picture of his Alfaro X-13 plane, with descriptive remarks, click on the title above and look for "Alfaro."
     If you want to access the page, on which is described his motor, you can click on:
     If time permits, I highly recommend that you sample the many other features of the AeroFiles website.

     Heraclio Alfaro designed, built and flew the first airplane in Spain. This comes from the website of Asela Ortiz de Murua entitled "Cronología - El Siglo XX (1) - 1900 a 1964." You may access the site, written in Spanish, by clicking on the title above.
     If you need the page in a machine-translated form, you can click on:
Alfaro - English
     You may want to use your "FIND" function on "Alfaro" to find the entry more easily.

Heraclio Alfaro-Fournier
       This book entitled Heraclio Alfaro, Aviador, inventor, ingeniero aeronáutico by José Luis Sáenz de Ugarte 1993, is listed on Amazon, but is said to be out of print and unavailable.
     I sent an email request for help in locating the book, to Antonio Alfaro de Prado Sagrera, webmaster of the EL APPELIDO ALFARO website. He has made contact with a member of the "Aeroclub de Vitoria Heraclio Alfaro", Jesus Sagastuy. Sr. Sagastuy, who explained that although the book itself is difficult to find, the club has photocopies of the book and he would send one to me. The book arrived just days ago, (9-29-03), and is a wonderful resource. It consists of 149 pages with many wonderful photographs and a very complete and fascinating biography of Heraclio. The author José Luis Sáenz de Ugarte has done a marvelous job in making this wealth of material available to us. The book is written in Spanish, but I will seek permission to translate portions of it into English and place it on this site.
     Sr. Sagastuy also offered to inquire of the other members to see if they have any other documents or photographs which they would be willing to share. I want to express my appreciation to all of them for their cooperation and kindness. (10-5-03)

Alfaro Book Cover
A 1911 Spanish Pilot (Heraclio Alfaro) and MIT Aeroengineer and His 1938 Aeroengine
Stephen DuPont
Product Details
Soft: 106 pages text,
27 full page illustrations
List Price: $17.95
Book Seller: Harbor Books
ISBN: 0977713407
from the Back Cover
     The author of this book has written and published several aviation books and papers, written articles in the AOPA Pilot and EAA Sport Aviation, his first aviation writings appeared in the Soaring Bulletin in 1935, predecessor the magazine SOARING now published these 70 years by the Soaring Society of America Inc.
     His publications include Soaring by the Numbers, Soaring Accidents That Almost Happened, Staying Safe in Sailplanes, and a paper, Safer Landings Through Understanding Visual Parttern Angles, read before a meeting of the Soaring instructors one of whom was the astornaut Storey Musgrave. Musgrave was later quoted over the Larry King Late Night Show, as saying that duPont's paper was an important way they learned to land the space shuttle. At least one of the books has been published in later years - in the thousands of copies - by the Soaring Society of America. DuPont is a commercial pilot and an FAA Aircraft and Powerplant Mechanic, having held a pilot's license since 1935, rated to fly single engined land and sea airplanes, gliders and helicopters. He is in his 91st year as this is written.
     He met Heraclio Alfaro when he was a freshman at MIT in 1934 and Alfaro's first engine was on thest there, having been built by Indian Motorcycle Co, and duPont's father was president of Indian.
via email from Harbor Books
     I found your information via a Google search on the internet. Harbor Books has become the distributer for a 92 year old local author Stephen duPont, and his new title 'A 1911 Spanish Pilot (Heraclio Alfaro) and MIT Aeroengineer and His 1938 Aeroengine'
      Are you aware of this book? If you are interested, it is available from us through the booksite ABEBOOKS.com, or direct at this e-mail address, (sales@harborbooks.com), or by phone at 860-388-6850. Quantity discounts would be available.
     The author is keen to start selling this title which he published last month.
Best Regards,
Harbor Books

Heraclio Alfaro-Fournier died in 1962
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January 1, 1993

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