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via email from Jon Gilbert Fox, 1-19-04
     According to information he wrote for my father, Dave Fox, at the 1970 Washington, D.C. meeting, he was a 1st Lt. in the U.S. Air Service, DBL control monitor on Nieuport and a pursuit pilot in Meuse Argonne in 1918.
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via email from Greg Powers, 12-7-10
     "On July 3 and 4, 1919, a Welcome Home Celebration was held in Little Falls, [NY] and one of the important attractions was an army aeroplane, piloted by Lt. Malcolm Allison. There was a parade on July 4, speaking in the park, dancing, a ball game and fireworks."


September 30, 1917
Ground School Graduations
Following is a list of the September 8 graduates of the aviation ground schools:

Cornell University
     Malcolm G. Allison, Sidney W. Beauclerk, Jr., John M. Bowman, Charles S.B. Cline, Byron G. Cook, Raymond F. Fox, Eugene W. Gilmore, Schuyler L. Hoff, Lester H. Lamb, Arthur L. Lewis, Lawrence C. Lovell, Wm. V. Lovell, Harold E. Mensch, Joseph M. Murphy, Charles A. Schilling, Wm. C. Thomas, Gerritt V. Weston, Archie S. Woods, and Howard S. Wright.

The Cornell Ground School
     Most of the Graduates of the Cornell aeronautical school will go to Mount Clemens, Mich., to learn the art of flying. A certain proportion of the graduates, consisting of the men who attained high standing, have been sent directly to army flying shcools in France. Lately graduates have been asked to volunteer for instruction in other countries.

Malcolm G. Allison died in 1980
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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