George B. Arnold
George B. Arnold
Homemade Glider
Curtiss Aeroplane
& Motor Co.
Curtiss NC4
Missy's China Central Aircraft Mfg. Co.
Shien Chaio, China
Central Aircraft Mfg. Co.
Shien Chaio, China
G B Arnold
Walk Around

     George B. Arnold, who first flew gliders in 1909 and who served as an executive of various aircraft manufacturing companies for many years both in this country and abroad, passed away suddenly at his home in Altamonte Springs, Florida, on November 17, 1956 at the age of 63.
     A native of Madisonville, Ky., he was an engineering graduate of the University of Kentucky. Not long after graduation he went to work for the Curtiss Airplane & Motor Co., and in 1925 became factory superintendent of the Buhl Aircraft Co. He then served successively as factory manager of B/J Aircraft Co., in Baltimore, as production engineer and chief inspector of Chance-Vought Corporation at East Hartford, as vice president and general manager of Central Aircraft Manufacturing Co. in China, then as an associate with Curtiss-Wright in Buffalo and in China. During World War II he operated a plant in Miami, manufacturing aicraft parts and other wartime products, and at the conclusion of the war he converted his plant to aluminum jalousies and other building supplies popular in Florida. More recently he entered a similar business in Orlando.
from the Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, March, 1957 - Number 56

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