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via email from Elizabeth Leonard, 6-6-04
     Charles Bernard Austin was my uncle. His son C. B. Austin, Jr is still living in Southern California in the San Diego area. He is married and has a couple of kids, who have probably had kids of their own, etc. I have had no contact with him for about 10 years, but wrote and asked my brother if he had his address.
     Since I was born in 1924 and my Uncle Charles died in 1928, I don't remember him, but have heard that he was the first to fly from Panama to the U.S. I do know there is a building named for him at Maxwell AFB, AL. I will write my cousin and ask him to write you if I get his address.
     My father (Rowland C. W. Blessley), who was also an early Air Corps pilot, was stationed with Lt. Austin in Panama when my mother went down there to visit her sister, Lt. Austin's wife (Laura Jackson Austin). My father and mother met there and later married.
Elizabeth Leonard

     If you search on "Charles Bernard Austin" using Google, (5-15-04), you will find about 19 links, two of which are relevant. If you search for "Charles B. Austin +Maxwell AFB" you will find a link to the site below.

     On this page you will find a nice description of the building complex which was erected on the Maxwell AFB and named in honor of Austin. You an access the page by clicking on the title above.

Austin Headstone
Charles Bernard Austin
Located in the Arlington National Cemetery
Photo courtesy of Michael Patterson, 5-9-04
Webmaster of the
Arlington National Cemetery Website

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