Erna Bach
Erna Bach, 1934
     The name written on the front of the cardboard frame, that the aviatrix photo came in, appears to be "Erna Bach" and it is dated 1934. The frame, also, seems to indicate that she was born on July 12th and that she was married on February 17, 1934. A birthday of January 3rd is given for someone named Hap, which might be her husband.
Photo & Text Courtesy of Roy Nagl
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     I noticed that you wanted more information on Erna Bach. I have been researching her for a rather strange reason but have obtained some information that you might find interesting. I began this research on a whisper of possibility.
     About 5-7 years ago, a friend of mine's mother passed away and my friend sold me some of her mothers things. One such item was a pocket watch. The brand name on the watch was Erna and on the reverse of the case there is an engraving of a bi-plane with some clouds. I searched through the Internet hunting for the "Erna" watch company that made the watch with no luck.
      So it came to me just recently that "Erna" could be a female pilot. The reason I thought of that is because both my friend and her mother were pilots and I thought perhaps that my friend's mother might have gotten this watch from Erna Bach, being the only female pilot mentioned in the era of time when her mother was alive. I'm sure my friend would have mentioned this fact if she knew it so I'm just guessing that I am correct.
     In my research, I was able to determine her birth and the year of her death, however I have been unable to find any true reference to her supposed husband. According to my research, Erna died of cancer in 1976, and her birthday was July 12, 1916. I have obtained newspaper articles indicating her winning of her aviator wings at age 18.
     If you don't have this information, I can send you copies of it, but at the same time, if you have additional information that may help me trace her further, it would be most appreciated. Also within the news article, her parents name is mentioned with their address. Hope this helps.
Contributed by Bill Barry, 11-3-10

The dates of her birth and death are unknown.
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