Henri Bakker Monument
Henri Bakker Monument
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From Jean-Pierre Lauwers, 4-16-02
     The NVVvL, (N. V. Vliegvereniging voor Luchtvaart), was responsable for granting Pilots licenses for Holland...The NVVvL named instructor Archer from the ENV as sportscommissioner. The aviation club ENV (Eerste Nederlandse Vliegvereniging - First Dutch Aviation Organisation), had existed since 29 December 1909 It had been founded by a Doctor P.J. Bossers and some rich industrialists.
     The first aviators to be instructed by Mr. Archer were : Adriaan Mulder, Henri Bakker and Joseph Maurer, a German (!) who however in Holland had taken the name Jan van Bussel! They were allowed to go for their pilots license flying tests on February 15th.
     Adriaan Mulder was the first to be granted license n°1 for The Netherlands. Henri Bakker was granted n°2 and Jan van Bussel, (Joseph Maurer), n°3! They all used the Blériot XI which belonged to the ENV.

Louis Bleriot
Bleriot Model XI, 1912
Early Bird Walter E. Lees
Photo from Walter Lees Collection

from Arjen mollema, 12-8-07
Mr. Cooper,
     As I was surfing I noticed that you are missing some information on Henri Bakker. The dutch wikipedia has some additional info:

DOB Feb 15th 1878
POB 's Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands)
Died March 13th 1933

     Mr. Adriaan Mulder was the first to recieve his license, Henri Bakker was second (on the same day).
Kind regards,
Arjen mollema
Editor's Note:I thank Mr. mollema for alerting us to the wikipedia website article on Bakker. Also, for corroborating the correct sequence of licensing of the Dutch pioneers.

     A search of the net on "Henri Bakker" using Google, (12-8-07), you will find about 436 links, most of them written in Dutch, However, most of them can be machine-translated directly into English.

Henri Bakker
     You will be fortunate if you can read Dutch. I found the English machine-tranlation to be a little bit awkward and confusing. However, it is a whole lot better than nothing. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

Henri Bakker, 1938 (Hekellaan)
     The machine-tranlation of this article deals primarily with the monument to Bakker, but includes many details of his life and career. The page is headed by a beautiful photograph of the monument with can be easily enlarged. I have included a thumbnail of it at the top of this page. You can access the website by clicking on the title above.
Henri Bakker died March 13, 1933

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