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Photos and comments in Spanish courtesy of Juan Manuel Quesada F.
     Major Francesco Baracca was an "ace" of Italian aviation during the year 1917. This aviator has a very interesting history and you can find it on the internet by looking for "Ferrari" vehicles and then the history of the emblem that the Ferrari "Il Cavallino Rampante" uses.
     El Mayor Francesco Baracca "as" de la aviación Italiana durante el año de 1917. Este aviador tiene una historia muy interesante y la puedes encontrar en "Internet" buscando los vehículos "Ferrari" y la historia del emblema que utiliza "Ferrari" "Il Cavallino Rampante"

       Nannini wrote on the back: "El Mayor Baracca descends for drinks from his Nieuport after having demolished an enemy aeroplane in the military zone."
     Al dorso Nannini anotó: El Mayor Baracca desciende de un bebe Nieuport después de haber derribado un aeroplano enemigo. Zona de Guerra

       Nannini wrote on the back: "El Mayor Baracca shot down 30 enemy aeroplanes."
     Al dorso Nannini anotó: "El Mayor Baracca derribador de 30 aeroplanos enemigos."

     If you search for "Francesco Baracca", using the Google search engine, (8-16-06), you will find about 523 links! Perhaps the most helpful is the following.
Museo Francesco Baracca
Francesco Baracca's short biography
     This feature of the Museo Francesco Baracca is perhaps one of the most helpful on the net. It offers, in English, a rather complete summary of his life and career. You can access this page by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, and if you can be a bit patient, I heartily recommend that you put "Museo Francesco Baracca" into the Google search engine and then click on "Translate this page" for any of the links which appear to be interesting. You will find a wealth of information on his story, including very many photographs. You will find that some of the Topics are not translated, but the accompanying text is. Also, if you will start with the homepage in Italian, you will find dozens of photographs which you can enjoy, even if you can't understand the legends..

World: Reportage: Luoghi Italia
     This website is written in Italian. It offers some 26 photographs, each capable of enlargement, each with descriptive legends, taken from the Museo Francesco Baracca collection. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
     If you only read English, as I do, you can access a machine'translated version by clicking on:
English Version

Editor's Note: You probably have noticed that "Baracca" translates as "Shack."

Francesco Baracca was killed in a crash on June 19, 1918
from Museo Francesco Baracca
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