Louis T. Barin
Louis T. Barin
Library of Congress Collection, 11-1-07

Lt. Com Mitscher & Lt. Com Barin
Lt Com Mitscher and Lt. Barin, Landing
Library of Congress Collection, 11-10-07

     If you search for "Louis Barin, ", using the Google search engine, (11-17-07), you will find about 14 links. You will have to choose the relevant ones, most of which describe the airfield named after him, but offer some details of his career.

Seaplanes Fly to Review
Six Make Trip Safely from Hampton Roads to Rockaway Beach.
     This clipping from the New York Times archive mentions Lt. Barin as one of the participants in this flight. You can access the page by clipping on the title.

NAAS Barin Field
by CDR Doug Seigfried, USN(Ret)
     This page on the Hook Magazine website offers a very complete story of the NAAS Barin Airfield. It is illustrated with several photographs and includes a first-hand description by the author of his landing on the airfield in 1962 You can access the page by clicking on the title.

"Death of Transatlantic Flyer
It is reported from San Diego, Cal., that Louis T. Barin, one of the pilots of the NC-1 in its transatlantic flight, was instantly killed when a fast airplane, which he was piloting, collided with an army plane, piloted by Cadet Joseph L. Walker, of Rockwell Field."
US Air Services, September, 1920

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LOUIS T. BARIN (August 20 1890 - June 12 1920)
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