Richard Barnitz
Richard Barnitz
Barnitz, R.B., 2nd LT., 14th CAV
from Aerospace Historian,
Vol 27, NO. 2, Summer/June 1980
Courtesy of John C. Barnitz
Col. Richard Barnitz
from Los Angeles World Airports
Courtesy of John C. Barnitz
  Top Row, Left to Right: Curry, JF., Cowan, AS, Lahm, FP, Bryan, RW, Madison, IM, Heffernan, LG, Johnson, D., McDonnell, JC, Russell, CW, Kirby, Maxwell, Brett, GH, Scanlon, MF, Reinburg, GEA, Robertson, WA, Martin, HS.
Bottom Row, Left to Right: Bartholf, JC, Butts, JW, Brooks, JB, Davidson, MC, Barnitz, RB, Walker, JC, Richards, HHC, Atkinson, BM, Harrison, MF, Spatz, Carl, Brown, RS, Royce, Ralph, Wheeler, SH.
U. S. Signal Corps Aviation School
North Island, San Diego, CA. 1916

from AEROSPACE HISTORIAN, Vol. 27, No. 3, Summer/June 1980
     Pictured above are members of the U.S. Signal Corps Aviation School of 1916, courtesy of Maj. Gen. Kendall, USAF (Ret.). General Russell found the photograph among his father's (Brig. Gen. Clinton W. Russell, Air Corps) memorabilia. Among those pictured is Carl Spaatz, first Air Force Chief of Staff. According to General Russell, the picture indicates the spelling as "Spatz" and dates prior to his adding an a to improve the odds on strangers' correct pronunciation.
     2nd Lt. R. B. Barnitz, 14th Cav, was a member of this graduating class and is seen in the lower row, fifth from the left..

     RICHARD B. BARNITZ, 1847 West 78 St., Los Angeles, Calif. Lieutenant Barnitz carried off FAI number 560 in 1916, soloing in April at San Diego in a Martin TT; now director of aeronautics for Los Angeles Municipal Airport.
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir

via email from Arnold Sprague, 11-28-07
Mr. Cooper,
     My uncle married Wilhelmina Gibbs (1905-1991), daughter of Mary Barnitz (1877-????). I believe that Mary Barnitz is the sister of Richard Bernard Barnitz (1891-????),
The Sprague Project

     If you search for "Richard Barnitz", using the Google search engine, (12-2-07), you will find about 30 links, several of which are relevant. The one cited below is very helpful and yielded the photo of him which you see at the top of this page.
LAWA Executive Directors
A Parade of Visionaries - 1928-1938
     This page offers a paragraph which recounts the story of Richard Barnitz when he was a director of Mines Field in Los Angeles. You can access the pdf file by clicking on the title above.
     This website was recommended by John Barnitz, 11-10-03, to whom we are very grateful.

Richard B. Barnitz died in 1960
From The Early Birds of Aviation ROSTER, 1996
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