Hillery Beachey
Hillery Beachey
Hillery Beachey
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Hillery Beachey
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via email from Lori Brubaker, 10-24-05
Hi, Ralph:
     If you remember, I am writing about Saginaw, Michigan's early aviation history. One of Michigan's first aeroplane manufacturers was Brooks Mfg., who in 1910 added "Bleriot-type" and "Farman-type" aircraft to their very successful line of kit boats.
     I have run across two references to Hillery Beachey looking at or purchasing a Brooks Mfg. aircraft at an early Chicagoland air meet or indoor show. I am quite interested in following up on this information, as very little is known about the Brooks aircraft. I am particularly intrigued that a well-known early aviator may have purchased one of these aircraft.
      I have information that suggests that Hillery Beachey was buying a Brooks Mfg. plane at an air show in Chicago, sometime between 1909-1912.
Grant Park - 1911
International Aviation Meet
Grant Park, Chicago

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Courtesy of Gary Williams,
Air-Racing Writer
America's Flyways Magazine 2-24-06
        Is the International Aviation Meet at Grant Park in August, 1911, different from a show that I've read about at Cicero Field? Really, my question is are they the same show or not?
      Also, I would like to see a program from the Grant Park show, because I believe there is a layout of the vendors present which might at least show that Brooks Mfg. was at the show that year.
      Thanks, as always, for your great help.
Bill Ballard, D.D.S.
Editor's Note: If you can help Lori answer these questions, I know she will be very grateful. If you contact me by email, I will forward your message to her. Thank you.

     If you search for "Hillery Beachey", using the Google search engine, (10-26-05), you will find about 33 links. Perhaps the most helpful is the following.

     The biography of Lincoln Beachey, which you will find on Carroll Gray's Lincoln Beachey website, is primarily devoted to his story, but you will find many important mentions of his older brother, Hillery. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, I am sure you will enjoy going to the homepage of the site and taking advantage of the many other features which Carroll has assembled.

     You will find two brief entries for Hillery on the AEROFILES website. You can visit those references by clicking on:
Hillery Beachey
     You will find it convenient to use the "Find" function on "Beachey" to locate the entry on the page.
     You can find the second entry by clicking on:
     Once again you will probably want to use the "Find" function on "Beachey."

Horace Kearney and Hillery Beachey
     This page on the Wisconsin Historical Society's website offers a beautiful photograph of Horace Kearney and Hillery Beachey. You will find a brief biography of both aviators on the page. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

  Hillery Beachey was born in 1885, was a brother of the famous aviator, Lincoln Beachey. Like a few other aviators, he started his aviation career flying balloons. He flew a dirigible at the Lewis & Clark Exposition in Portland, Oregon in 1905.
     In 1911 he experienced a skull fracture in an airplane crash, at St. Louis, Mo. In February, 1912, he was flying a Beachey machine, powered by a Hall Scott, 40 h.p. motor. He was also badly hurt while flying his airplane at Battle Creek, Michigan, on August 4, 1912. Hillery Beachey was among the first six men in the United States to successfully fly a circle with an airplane at that time.
     He took his test flight for F. A. I. Airplane Pilot's Certificate #89, on January 10, 1912, at St. Louis, Mo., which was issued one week later, on January 17, 1912. He also flew at Dominguez Field, Los Angeles.
     During the first week of September, 1913, he gave a series of exhibition flights at the West Michigan Fair, held at Grand Rapids, Mich.
     He operated his new tractor biplane with raked back wings, using a 6-cylinder Kirkham motor. In March, 1914, Hillery Beachey was a member of the U.S Aviation reserve. Several years after suffering a stroke, he died in a California State Hospital, on July 22, 1964.

From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
December 1964, Number 71

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