Jean Conneau
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Jean Conneau
Library of Congress Collection, 9-12-07

Jean Conneau
BEAUMONT (Lieutenant Conneau), sur monoplan Blériot
Collection of Dave Lam, 9-3-07

via email from Dave Lam, 10-26-06
     Jean Conneau's real name was André Beaumont. Born 8 Feb 1880 in Lodève, France. Died 5 August 1937 also in Lodève. His actual career was that of a Naval Lieutenant .
     He earned his French pilot's license on 7 December 1910 (# 322), and then went on to earn his military pilot's license (a much more difficult test) on 18 December 1911 (#4).
     He took won the Course Paris-Rome on 31 May 1911, the European Circuit (Paris>Liege>Spa> Utrecht>Brussels>Calais>London>Calais>Paris) 7 July 1911, and then The Tour of England and Scotland 26 July 1911. He was an early hydroplane pilot, and later was the Technical Director at the hydroplane firm of Donnet-Lévèque .
      During the first world war, he commanded squadrons at Nice, Bizerte, Dunkerk, and Venice. From 1915 through 1919 he worked at the FBA company perfecting hydroplanes for the French Navy.

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