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  Bertaud & Stinson  
Edward A. Stinson & Lloyd W. Bertaud
Library of Congress Archive, 7-23-06

  After weeks of searching I have finally come up with much more detail on Lloyd Wilson Bertaud.

There seems to be a "conspiracy" of errors and problems in the Ancestry, Inc. pages, none of which is their fault.

My first, and most important discovery was found by use of the "wild card" (an aserisk) in the WW-1 Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918.

Bertaud was listed as Bertand. The original documenter translated the handwritten entry as Bertand because that is what it looks like.

There is no question that this is the correct page for Bertaud, because the "Bertand" entry shows his profession on the registration as "aviator".

Date of birth is clearly shown as 20 September 1885.

A census report shows the date of birth as September 1896. This is "second hand" information, which I discount in favor of the Draft Registration, which includes the subject's signature.

[In many other cases, U.S. Passport Applications are considered superior to Census data for the same reason.]

I have found that a significant number, but a small percentage, of Census data get the year of birth off by a year or more. Thus, I deem the Draft Registrations more accurate than the Census Reports.

- - - -

Once I had the date of birth of Bertaud, PLUS THE LOCATION OF BIRTH, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, I started a search of the 1900 Census Report for Bertaud.


So I looked for those who were born in San Francisco, CA, on 1895. NADA!

Then I tried Lloyd, born on September, any year, in San Francisco.


A unique entry, unlike any I have seen before. (The * is Ancestry's wild card.)

" *taud "

The *taud family was on two census pages - the head of household was on the bottom of one page, the rest of the family was on the top of the next page. The next page did not show their surname, as is generally the practice in Census reports.

The bottom of the first page had considerable water damage that made the surname illegible, unless you knew what you were looking for.

- - - -

Eventually I came up with the correct name of the head of household:

Hypolite Emil (or Hippolite Emil) Bertaud.

He was Lloyd Bertaud's Grandfather! He is shown as a "cook" by profession. [ Perhaps a "chef", given his birth in France?]

Lloyd's mother, Florence (Wilson) Bertaud was a WIDOW in 1900.

Lloyd and his mother were living with his paternal grandfather in San Francisco in 1900.

- - - -

The family, in 1900, included:

Anna M, wife, born May 1843, born in Luxembourg,

Paul B E, son, born April 1873, born in Illinois, a photographer

Amile M, son, born Jan 1875, born in California, a Hospital Steward

Julie A, daughter, born 1877, born in California,

Louis M, son, born December 1879, born in California, a Freight Clerk

Marie, daughter, born July 1884, born in California, at School

FLORENCE, Daughter-in-Law, born January 1875, born in California

LLOYD W, Grand son, born September 1896 (I say 1895), born in California

- - - -

With a Grandmother and Grandfather, plus 3 uncles, two aunts and a mother, present, Lloyd was probably spoiled rotten, at least until the earthquake on 18 April 1906.

One source suggests that Lloyd quit school to get a job when he was seventeen to help his mother, by then probably a widow for the second time.

- - - -

Lewis Callaghan, Lloyd's half-brother, was born on 04 June 1906, and died on 09 June 1983 in San Francisco;

Their mother, Florence, died on 24 July 1942 in San Francisco;

An uncle, Louis Marius Bertaud died in San Francisco on 21 December 1982.

- - - -

"The Klein Connection - A Family History" from Luxembourg to America, 1815-2009, Janet R. Klein, Editor, is online. Search Google for it.

This source has some good information on pages 18 and 19 about the Klein Family's "most famous cousin". There are some minor errors, but much information worth checking on.

- - - -

Eventually I found that Lloyd's father's name was Dr. Eugene Bertaud. (Unknown if he was a PhD or an MD)

Dr. Eugene Bertaud died when Lloyd Bertaud was two years old. Cause of death is unknown, so far.

- - - -

THE EARTH SHOOK in San Francisco in 1906. Unfortunately, this was not a mass orgasm, as described by Ernest Hemingway in "For Whom The Bell Tolls".

It was the San Francisco Earthquake, which took at least 3,000 lives of the 410,000 people living in that city, the ninth largest city in the U.S., and the largest city west of the Mississippi at that time.

- - - -

Needless to say, nearly every family in San Francisco was displaced, killed or at best "inconvenienced".

The Bertaud family does not appear in the 1910 Census in San Francisco.

- - - -

Lloyd's paternal Grandmother, Anna Marie Klein Bertaud, was born in Luxemberg.

Lloyd's mother was born in San Francisco, maiden name Florence Wilson, born on 17 January 1873. (Died in San Francisco on 24 July 1942).

Florence Wilson's father was born in Denmark; her mother was born in Massachusetts.

Between 1900 and 1910 Lloyd's mother remarried.

The 1910 Census shows her to be Mrs. Florence Wilson Callaghan, wife of Daniel L. Callaghan, an insurance salesman.

The earth shook for them in 1905, producing a son, Lewis Callaghan, thus, Lloyd's half-brother.

The 1920 Census shows Florence, Daniel L. and Lewis alive and well, still living in San Francisco; Daniel is now an insurance broker.

The 1930 Census shows Florence to be a widow again. Lewis is living with her, profession is blank - a victim of the Great Depression (or the First Great Depression, if contemporary Republicans are allowed to continue their ill conceived notions of Capitalism which has already altered that notion to Plutocracy, soon to become a Kleptocracy.)

As mentioned, Florence died in 1942.

Lewis was born on 04 June 1906 and died in San Francisco on 09 June of 1983.

- - - -

Our main subject, Lloyd Wilson Bertaud could not be found in the 1920 Census, and could not be found at all by the 1930 Census, since he was lost in the North Atlantic Ocean on ~07 September 1927.

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An excellent photo of Lloyd Bertaud as an aviator for the postal service is to be found at

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Rick Kelly
Oklahoma City

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