Maj. Charles Biddle
Maj. Charles Biddle
courtesy of Photos of the Great War

Capt. Biddle Injured
The Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee, Tuesday, May 21, 1918,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 10-24-07
     Paris, Saturday, May 18. - Captain Charles J. Biddle, of Andalusia, Pa., chief of patrol of the Lafayette squadron, who was recently reported lost after a fight with the Germans, was found today by a French scout in Noman's Land with a bullet through his leg. His machine was wrecked. He was brought to the rear for treatment in a hospital.
     Two hostile airplanes have been brought down by American aviators, says an official announcement issued at American headquarters.
     The German biplane brought down by Capt David Peterson, of Honesdale, Pa., his third since May 15, was conquered after a fight five kilometers within the German lines. Peterson and another pilot came upon two enemy machines, one 2,000 metres high and the other 3,000. The Americans each picked out an enemy airplane and attacked it.
     Captain Peterson, diving onto the tail of the one 2,000 metres high, fired thirty shots at close range. The enemy went into a spinning nose dive and crashed to earth. The other enemy machine escaped.

      If you search for "Charles J. Biddle" +aviation using Google, (10-30-07), you will find about 397 relative links. Clearly there is a wealth of material available on this American Hero.

Charles J. Biddle died on March 22, 1972 in Andalusia, Pennsylvania
from American Aces of WWI

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