George Bing
     "This close-up view of George Bing and his biplane was probably taken at his test flight location at a Castalia, Ohio, farm in 1911. Just 27 years old, Bing had achieved success in the carriage-and wagon-making business. Besides "minor defects," Bing discovered that his biplane would not fly because the engine was too heavy, and the propeller was too small. "
Photo and text from the Charles E. Frohman Collection
of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Lake Erie's Yesterdays

via email from Dorene Paul, 2-23-08
Dear Mr. Cooper
     I am on the "team" that writes for the blog about the history of Sandusky. I am hoping to write an entry about George J. Bing. (My great great grandfather, George B. Parker, was killed in the same accident that killed Mr. Bing!)
     My mom always said that they thought my great grandfather, Leroy Parker, also died in the accident. She said they were at the hospital, and covered him up with a sheet, and then the sheet moved!
     Leroy went on to have four children, and many grandchildren, and great grandchildren!

George Bing
     "George Bing posed in his biplane located in a field near a Castalia, Ohio, farm. Although Bing failed in his attempts to fly, his fellow townsmen encouraged him to continue work on his biplane. They believed that air service to the Lake Erie Islands was a realistic goal. "
Photo and text from the Charles E. Frohman Collection
of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Lake Erie's Yesterdays

George J. Bing Shop
     George J. Bing (c. 1884-1914) operated a successful carriage-making business in Sandusky that later expanded into automobile supplies and sales. In 1914, You can see a photo of his shop and the announcement of a show by clicking on the title.
Historical note from OhioLINK Digital Media Center(DMC).

>A. C. Beech
George Bing
Sandusky, Ohio
Collection of Jerry Blanchard, 9-9-09

     If you search on "George Bing +aviation" using Google, (2-26-11), you will find about 192 links. The two cited immediately below come through the courtesy of Dorene Paul, Reference Assistant, Sandusky Library

George J. Bing, Carriage Maker and Biplane Builder
"George J. Bing and his friends are pictured above with a biplane that George was towing to the frozen Sandusky Bay to test. Bing’s attempts to fly this plane failed.

Bing was one of Sandusky’s most prominent businessmen. He had a carriage shop on Tiffin Avenue. He outgrew his original shop, and constructed a large brick garage at 131 Tiffin Avenue, where he also sold and repaired automobiles. This building still stands today. (Currently the address is 317 Tiffin Avenue.)"

Postcards from Laura Bing Retzke
     "On July 23, 1909, Sandusky resident Emelia Bing sent a postcard to her sister in law, Lora Bing Retzke in Toledo. Pictured on the front of the postcard is Emelia’s husband, George J. Bing, an early aviator and carriage maker.

      In the message on the post card, Emelia asked Lora if would be possible for her to spend the night with Lora’s family, as Emelia and her daughter Myrtle were planning a trip to Toledo and Delta in the next few days."

George J. Bing Airplane Photographs
      You will gain access to three beautiful photographs of his airplane on this website. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
      If time permits, I heartily recommend that you visit the homepage and take advantage of the many other valuable resources which are available. You will be invited on this "Online Scrapbook of Ohio History" website to:
"Discover 26,000 primary sources from 330 archives, historical societies, libraries and museums that document Ohio's past from prehistory through the present."

George Bing died as the result of an automobile accident on September 23, 1914.
From the entry in the Lake Erie's Yesterdays.
Referred by Bob Davis, 3-7-08

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