AKA Ritter Philipp Blaschke von Zwornikkirchen
Philipp Ritter von Blaschke
Blaschke & Csakay
"The bride's kiss before the start."
Die Neue Zeitung
Wien, Samstag, den 29. Juni 1912
Collection of Dr. Peter Michael Braunwarth, 1-10-07
(Translation courtesy of Dr. Peter Michael Braunwarth, 1-11-07)
     "There was much attention yesterday in Aspern to a nice scene which happened before the start of Oberleutnant von Blaschke. Blaschke started yesterday for the third time to reach the height record. This time his bride Fräulein von Csakay went with him as a passenger.When the plane left the hangar one could notice a white woolen cap, huge dark automobile spectacles and a bit of a sweater. It was the pilot's bride.
      Outside he climbed up to her. The propeller rotated powerfully, the plane was kept by a dozen of men and vibrated visible; at that moment the lady bowed to her groom, he turned back and gave her a long kiss. Then he riased his hand, the people standing by the front wings threw themselves onto the floor - and go! Ten seconds later the Lohner-Daimler rises. More and more the plane lifts, marks a wide circle and screws itself in spirals higher and higher. It has reached 2400 meters.
      Fräulein von Csakay seems nearly stunned after landing. "It was marvelous", finally she says. And to her groom: "But I did orient myself properly, didn't I?" With a smile she was confirmed. And he added: "Because of the fog we couldn't ascend to a greater height."

via email from Dr. Peter Michael Braunwarth, 1-5-07
     He was born in Budapest, 10 February 1880 and died by air accident near Krems 29 July 1938
     "Csákay" was the name of the plane in which Blaschke set the 29 June 1912 height record in Strasshof near Vienna (4360 meters), . The aviator was Oberleutnant Philipp Ritter von Blaschke, who was at that time engaged to and later married Irene Csákay de Visk.
Editor's Note: I thank Dr. Braunworth for correcting the newpaper report below which incorrectly named the aviator as "Csákay". In addition he has helped me to give proper recognition to one more pioneer aviator.

Aviator Garros Reaches Height of 16,240 Feet,
Eclipses Old record by 2,461 Feet
Engine Stops Suddenly,

The Daily Times
Chattanooga, Tennessee, September 7, 1912,
Houlgate, France, Sept. 6.
     Roland G. Garros, the aviator, today eclipsed the old world's record for altitude by about 2,461 feet. Ascending in a monoplane, Garros went up 16,240 feet. At this height the rarified atmosphere caused the engine to stop suddenly and the aviator had to volplane to the ground.
     The previous record of 13,799 feet was made at Vienna, June 29, by the Austrian aviator Blaschke In the flight the Austrian carried a passenger..

     If you search for "Philipp Ritter von Blaschke", using the Google search engine, (1-5-07), you will find just one link

Austrian Records
     This message from "joegertler" on the Aerodrome Forum website mentions the name Philipp Ritter von Blaschke among several Austrian pioneers who set some 28 aviation World records in Austria through 1914 (most set well before, in 1911 and 1912). You can read the entire summary by clicking on the title above.

Ritter Philipp Blaschke von Zwornikkirchen died by a car accident.
via email from Philipp Duchoslav, 1-18-07
Greatgrandson of Ritter Philipp Blaschke von Zwornikkirchen(Oberstleutnant)
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