Pierre deL Boal

Pierre Boal in WWI, I believe in a Blériot plane
Photo Courtesy of Christopher Lee

Pierre deLagarde Boal

Pierre de Lagarde Boal (1895-1966), was a young man in World War I, starting in the French cavalry and finishing as a pilot. In 1919 he married Jeanne de Menthon, whose family included St. Bernard de Menthon who trained the dogs to rescue travelers in the French Alps in the 11th century.
Pierre became a U.S. Ambassador and couldn't return to the Boal Mansion until 1952 when he opened it up as a non-profit museum and began to restore it. He died in 1966. His daughter, Mathilde (Mimi), married Blair Lee III (1916-1985) of Maryland in 1944. Lee was Governor of Maryland in the 1970's. Their son, Christopher Lee, is the current resident and CEO of the Boal Mansion Museum.
Pierre Boal's cavalry helmet, portrait as a WWI pilot, and other memorabilia are on display at the Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion Museum in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, three miles east of Penn State University in State College, PA.
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The photo and biographical notes were kindly provided by Christopher Lee

Pierre deLagarde Boal died in 1966
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