This Lady could be Adrienne Bolland, a french aviatrix who first overcross the Andes from Mendoza (Argentina) to Chile on a Caudron G3 (thus I don't think the aircraft behind is her's)
Collection of Dave Lam, 10-7-05

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     If you search for "Adrienne Bolland" +aviation -rue, using the Google search engine, (8-10-09), you will find displayed about 816 links! A time permits, you can follow as many of the links as your curiosity provokes.

Adrienne Bolland
     A good place to start is the "HARGRAVE The Pioneers" website. Dr. Russell Naughton has assembled a wealth of information, photographs and links to other websites, which will introduce you to the fascinating story of Adrienne Bolland. You can access the page by clicking on the title.

La Traversée de la Cordillère des Andes
par Adrienne Bolland
     .Among the 697 links, this one caught my attention. It comes from the revue Icare No. 58 magazine and describes the crossing of the Andes in her own words. If you are fortunate enough to read French, you can enjoy the story by clicking on the title above. If not, you can obtain a machine-translation into English by clicking on:
English version

       .Adrienne Bolland is reported to have died in 1975. I have not been able to find any of the details of her death.
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