Jesse C. Brabazon


Bad weather kept the Lillie school machines in the hangars the first part of the week, but on Thursday DeLloyd Thompson and Andrew Drew, instructors for the Lillie school, were up for four hours with the pupils here. Jesse Brabazon, Van Best, A. C. Carnes and Miss Uriel Johnstone are the pupils who are about ready for their licenses; James Colovas, F. A. Bergenthal, and Joseph Best need another week or so of training.
     Friday two hours of pupil training were sandwiched in between gusty weather. Thompson and Drew made half a dozen solos in the wind.
     It was planned to hold a meet on Saturday and Sunday, but as the two Lillie machines did not arrive on time, the meet was called off.
     Quite a crowd appeared at the field, however. Sunday afternoon adn for their benefit, Lillie, Thompson and Drew went through some pretty maneuvres in gusty weather. Miss Katherine Stinson and G Milton Vought, who had been scheduled to appear at the meet, were on the ground very impatient, because of the delayed arrival of the machines they were booked to fly. Vought is now a member of the Lillie organization. He superintends the condition of all the machines and holds the position of the firm's engineer. He also will do some flying at the winter camp in San Antonio.
From AERO & HYDRO, November 23, 1912

       Jesse C. Brabazon, pioneer Wisconsin aviator, died December 27, 1969, at the age of 84, in Beloit, Wisconsin. He was born October 13, 1885.
     Funeral services were held at the Cranston Road Chapel with the Rev. Richard Zoppel officiating. Interment was in Eastlawn Cemetary, Beloit.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP,
January, 1971, Number 77

     You will find an entry for Brabazon on the Find A Grave website. It includes two photographs, one of him and one of the Eastlawn Cemetery.
Contributed by Pete Jones, 6-24-10

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