Homer L. Bredouw
Bredoux on the Jump

     Homer L. Bredoux, operating the Bredoux-Hilliard Aeromotive Corp. at Kansas City Airport, still holds a Group 1 rating with the Air Corps as well as a commercial transport license. He covers 33 states in his supply house territory in a six-place Travelair.
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The Wartime Skies of Mohave...
35,000 Aerial Gunners Trained At Kingman Air Field and Some Came Back to Make This Their Home.
Part 4 of 4, Courtesy of Mohave Magazine February 7, 1974

First Year Growth
The first anniversary of the establishment of the Kingman Army airfield falls, on December 1, 1943.  It was on that date in 1942 that the first enlisted men took up quarters on the field, the old timers moving out from Kingman and the nucleus of the base headquarters squadron coming by truck from Las Vegas. On December 28, 1942, the first group of 13 AT-6's small training ships was assigned to the field. The undisclosed number now based at the field is only partly indicated by the constant drone of planes over the Kingman area.
     During the first year of the gunnery school's operation, 48 classes of gunners have been graduated. They are, now, no doubt, fighting on every major front. The progress made at the airfield is an indication of American enterprise.

The Brass Arrives
Under the direction of Captain Homer L. Bredouw, commanding officer, the 382nd sub-depot of the Army Air Forces has been established in temporary quarters at the Harvey House.
     The sub-depot, responsible for supplying the air field operations, will be staffed with civilian personnel.
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The Wartime Skies of Mohave...
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Homer L. Bredouw died in 1950
From The Early Birds of Aviation ROSTER, 1996
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