Louis C. Breguet
Louis C. Breguet
Breguet at the wheel of his biplane, showing 10 passengers
The eleventh passenger, a boy, is hidden in the photograph
From WALDO: Pioneer Aviator


Scientific American, April 22, 1911

"On March 23rd, above the aerodrome of La Breyelle, at Douai, M. Breguet made a flight with eleven passengers, or, including himself, with twelve people in his biplane. Rising into the air without any perceptible difficulty, he made a straight-line flight of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) at a speed of 90 kilometers (55.9 miles) an hour. The weight of the machine complete was 600 kilogrammes (1,322 3/4 pounds), and the live load transported was the same, so that a total weight of 2,645 1/2 pounds was carried through the air at express train speed for a distance of over three miles. The average weight of the passengers carried was 50 kilogrammes (110 1/4 pounds) We believe that this is the first time on record when the live load carried has equaled the complete weight of the machine.
From WALDO: Pioneer Aviator

Published monthly by the manufacturers of Hiller Helicopters
Vol. 3 No. 8      PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA      August, 1952
Earliest Pioneers Dreamed of Vertical Flight
Long Before Success of Fixed Wing Airplane
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Louis C. Breguet
Breguet biplane, type 1910, flying over a town, possibly in Morocco
between 1910-1915
Library of Congress Collection, 1-6-11


Louis C. Breguet died in 1955
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster, 1996

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