William Brock
from Aviation
January 1, 1917

Via email from Steve Hook, 8-9-11
Mr. Cooper,
      My aunt - Helen Kay Schunck (1894-1978) was a secretary at the Beam School of Aviation in Celina OH when Billy Brock was an instructor there. Helen cited Billy in one of her many aviation articles (1927-1931), one in the Saturday Evening Post of Nov 5, 1927.
     I've found that L.M. Monte Rolfe, Ward Beam (of air and auto thrill show fame), and Henry Wong (who may have become a General in the Chinese Air Force) were all associated with the school. (Monte was killed in a crash in Havanna Cuba in 1921 after notable service in WW I and working with pioneer Georgia aviator Ben Epps).
      So the school had much to show for itself, but the Mercer County historian Joyce Alig and I are stymied in our search for more records of people from the school and questions such as "Why did it close and when did it close?" If you know of more names of alumni or the names of living relatives of alumni, please let me know.
Steve Hook

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