Arthur Roy Brown
Arthur Roy Brown
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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Wright Brothers Field
Plaque with 119 Names of Flyers Who Trained at Wright Brothers Field
Photo courtesy of J. N. Parmalee

     The name of A. Roy Brown is found on the plaque pictured above among the 119 names of pioneer flyers who trained at the Wright Brothers field at Huffman Prairie. To visit the page which lists all of the flyers, and which displays several photographs of the memorial, just click on:

via email from Linda Wilson Heath, 12-10-10
Dear Mr. Cooper,
     I have just visited your website and note the list of flyers whose names are listed on the Wright plaque. I see that one of them is A. Roy Brown of the Canadian flying corps (a distant relative of mine). I don't know if you are aware that Capt. Brown is the pilot credited with shooting down Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron." I am writing as your website asks for information regarding flyers whose names are not linked on your site to other websites regarding them. There are a number of sites concerning Brown if you are interested.

Thank you.

Linda Wilson Heath

     If you search the internet using Google on "Arthur Roy Brown",
(12-10-10) you will find about 1780 links. A good place to start is:
WW I, WW II, and Korea
     I have found this to be an especially valuable source of information and can recommend it to you without hesitation. You will find entries devoted to seven WW I flyers, including Arthur Roy Brown. many of them with many links to other descriptive pages. To access the site, click on the title above.

World War I Fighter Ace
     This page offers an almost book length article on the life and times of this hero. It is profusely illustrated with photographs and contains many letter from Brown to his family. To access this remarkably complete biography of Brown, just click on the title above.
Editor's Note: This very valuable website appears to have disappeared from the internet. I was lucky to find an archived copy on the "www.waybackmachine,org" website.

Arthur Roy Brown died of a heart attack in 1944 at the age of 50
Info from the Canadian Aces & Heroes website
Editor's Note:
If you have any information on this Early Flier,
please contact me.
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