AKA Gilbert "Bud" Budwig
Gilbert G. Budwig
Gilbert G. Budwig
Gilbert Budwig and Fletcher Pomeroy with Mono Eagle
     "J N 4 'Jenny' airplane, named the 'Mono Eagle.' On left Gilbert 'Bud' Budwig and Fletcher Pomeroy, circa 1924"--Handwritten caption from verso. The Mono Eagle was Leslie C. Brandís airplane, and Budwig was the pilot. Pomeroy was Brandís chauffeur. Title supplied by cataloger.
Collection of Orville Pomeroy, Brand Library files
from Glendale Public Library (Glendale California) Special Collections

     If you search for "Gilbert Budwig", using the Google search engine, (11-25-07), you will find about 43 links. Perhaps the most helpful is the one cited immediately below.

     This page on the Davis-Monthan Field Register presents the most comprehensive biography of Budwig which I have been able to find. I heartily recommend it to you as your first stop when seeking more information on his life and career. You can access it by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, I suggest that you visit the homepage and sample some of the very unique offerings. If you become sufficiently intrigued, you may want to buy a copy of the register, in book form. You can learn more about it, and submit your order, by clicking on:

Byline: Edward H. Phillips
     These two paragraphs below were extracted from the complete and very comprehensive article which is found on the Wings Over Kansas website so as to introduce you to this very interesting story. I highly recommend that you read the whole story which involves several of the aviation pioneers and documents a little known, but fascinating episode in the history of early aviation in Kansas. In addition to the story, it offers four photographs of the type 6000 monoplane which was being promoted by Walter Beech.You may visit the site by clicking on the title above

     "The year 1928 witnessed the development of Travel Air's first enclosed cabin monoplane design-the Type 6000. Walter Beech, sensing that the time was right for a shift from open cockpit biplanes to enclosed monoplanes aimed specifically at the corporate customer, in 1927 launched a research and development program under the leadership of company chief engineer Horace E. Weihmiller.............
     Walter Beech had planned to sell the ship as soon as it was issued a commercial license, but by September 1928 it still was being flown as a company demonstrator. Weihmiller and his engineers already had submitted all the stress analysis information for the production airplanes to the government and were awaiting a reply. Gilbert Budwig, an official with the Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C. and a friend of Walter Beech, visited the factory that autumn to discuss problems that had arisen with certification of the prototype airplane.............."

     Gilbert Budwig is recorded as being the pilot for the test of the Loughead S1 Sport Biplane in Redwood City, CA. The complete story, with an image of the plane, may be found by clicking on the title above. You may find it convenient to use your "Find" feature on "Budwig" to locate the entry on the page.

     The Old Old Timers Club was founded in 1947 by a group of amateurs who had played a part in laying the foundations of electronic communications. The requirement for membership was 2-way communication by wireless 40 or more years prior to 1947. At that time the members were "spark" operators in 1907 or earlier when there was no licensing authority. The requirements have continued to this day - two-way wireless communication by amateur, military or commercial means 40 or more years ago.
     Gilbert G. Budwig is recorded as being one of the early Amateur Radio Operators.His last call was K6LQ, his first was 8NL.The complete story of the club may be found by clicking on the title above.

Gilbert G. Budwig died in 1978
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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