AKA Joseph Maurer
Jan van Bussel
Jan van Bussel, 3rd Netherlands License, 1911
"Souvenir presented by the N.V. Rotterdamse Aviation Organization
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

From Jean-Pierre Lauwers, 4-16-02

     The NVVvL, (N. V. Vliegvereniging voor Luchtvaart), was responsable for granting Pilots licenses for Holland...The NVVvL named instructor Archer from the ENV as sportscommissioner. The aviation club ENV (Eerste Nederlandse Vliegvereniging - First Dutch Aviation Organisation), had existed since 29 December 1909 It had been founded by a Doctor P.J. Bossers and some rich industrialists.
     The first aviators to be instructed by Mr. Archer were : Adriaan Mulder, Henri Bakker and Joseph Maurer, a German (!) who however in Holland had taken the name Jan van Bussel! They were allowed to go for their pilots license flying tests on February 15th.
     Henri Bakker was the first to be granted license n°1 for The Netherlands. Henri Bakker was granted n°2 and Jan van Bussel, (Joseph Maurer), n°3! They all used the Blériot XI which belonged to the ENV.

Louis Bleriot
Bleriot Model XI, 1912
Early Bird Walter E. Lees
Photo from Walter Lees Collection


Using the Google search engine on "Jan van Bussel", you will find 22 links. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand any of them. They were all in Dutch.

I have no information as to the dates of his birth or death.

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