Adorno Cammarota
Adorno Cammarota
Adorno Cammarota
Courtesy of Maurizio Lanza, 1-2-08

Via email from Giovanni Giorgetti, 10-10-04
     Cammarota Adorno Enrico, was born on November 22, 1882 at Rocca d'Arazzo, Italy. Italian flight licence N° 13 on October 1910 at Buc (B). He had an engineering degree and was civil pilot. Enrico Cammarota was killed in a crash on December 3, 1910, at Centocelle (Roma), with Castellani Giovanni, engineer.
     From the book "PIONIERI DELL'AVIAZIONE IN ITALIA", autor Mario Cobianchi, Editoriale Aeronautico - Roma - Via Ripense 1 (Ufficio dipendente dal Ministero dell'Aeronautica) - 1943.

from L'Illustrazione Italiana,
n.50 - 11.12.1910
Via email from Maurizio Lanza, 1-6-08

Machine-translation from original Italian
      Eng. Enrico Cammarota, a native of Alessandria (Piemonte) had studied in Rome, where his father was provveditore to studies had exercised For a few years, the profession of civil engineer then enamored of aviation, was gone for a couple of years in France, where oats obtained the diploma, e. Back in Rome, Had given the c exams and was accepted at Centocelle, as an instructor, with the patent sub Complement genius. In Rome lived in bachelor, his mother, Two years are left widows, having withdrawn Alsssandria where viveve in continuing anxiety about the passion aviatoria waves his son croua been preseo, was Cammarota Courageous and prudent, with a coolly beautiful, preciptó day when the late Lieutenant Saglietti, he flew well and saw the catastrophe of his, but not You turbó and continuó its flight. The desgrazia who coudotto him to death and bravo motorista Castellani - who was going to leave this year - and attributed to a Too sharp turns commanded at the helm of the depth. Cammarota, which certainly erasi noticed that the tail deIl'apparecchio if abbassava.

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