Luis Cenobio Candelaria
Luis Cenobio Candelaria
Collection of Georg v. Rauch
Courtesy of Arne Brunner, 2-11-08
via email from Eloy Martín,
Military pilot Lt. Benjamin Matienzo
     Matienzo was born in the province of Tucumán on April 9, 1891. He entered the Colegio Militar de la Nación on March 9, 1909 graduating as a Second lieutenant in the communication troop on December 31, 1910. He was number 35 in his graduating class which included a number of important civilian and military aviators; Manuel Felix Origone (first victim of military aviation), Luis Cenobio Candelaria (first to cross the Andes by airplane), Oscar Lozano, Antonio Parodi, Vicente Andrada and Julio Garci'a Fernandez, Gregorio Jesus Rafael Terneyro Bravo and Jose William Rosasco.

     If you search for " Luis Cenobio Candelaria", using the Google search engine, (2-13-08), you will find about 110 links. You can visit as many of them as time permits. Perhaps the most helpful is the following.

Teniente Don Luis Cenobio Candelaria
     This page offers a very detailed resumé of his flight over the Andes in 1918. If you read Spanish, you can access the original article by clicking on the title above. If you need an English version of the story, you can access a machine-translation by clicking on:
English Version

El 25 de diciembre de 1963, a la edad de 71 años en Tucumán,
Luis Candelaria died in Tucumán on December 25, 1963 at the age of 71.
from Teniente Don Luis Cenobio Candelaria

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