AKA Nicolae (Nicu) Capsa
Nicolae Capsa
Nicolae Capsa

Nicolae Capsa
Aviatori de la Scoala de pilotaj de la Cotroceni; locotenentul
Istrate (x), locotenentul Mircea Zorilianu (xx), George Valentin
Bibescu (xxx) si locotenentul Nicolae Capsa
Courtesy of Aurelian Simionescu, 8-16-06
"Aviators of Cotroceni Piloting School. From left to right: first lieutenent Istrate, first lieutenant Zorileanu, George Valentin Bibescu and first lieutenant Nicolae Capsa"
     I know that Bibescu had 3 students and only Zorileanu and Capsa received their pilot licenses. Istrate must have been the third student who either abandoned school, or failed to take his license.

Courtesy of David Lam,
The first initial of student pilot Istrate was "I"-- I have not been able to find out his full name. Other than a version of the same photo, and a confirmation that he was in the school as a student, he does not reappear in the history of Romanian Aviation.

Zorileanu received license # 2 on 15 July 1911
Capsa received his license #4 on 18 July 1911

Both learned to fly in Bleriots, of which the school had 3.

Reference: Istoria Aviatie Romane, published by editura stiintifica si enciclopedica in Bucarest 1984. No author's name given in the book, so it appears to be a joint effort compilation.

via email from Aurelian Simionescu, 12-8-04
     Nicolae Capsa was the second pilot trained and licensed at Cotroceni Piloting School of George Valentin Bibescu.

Nicolae Capsa
Nicolae Capsa
"On February 1st 1912, second lieutenant Nicolae Capsa broke the altitude record reaching 2000 meters in a Blériot airplane."
Photo & translated legend courtesy of Aurelian Simionescu, 8-16-06

via email from Robin Redgrave, 12-11-07
It was with great interest I found your website and the information it had on my Great Uncle Nicolae (Nicu) Capsa. I don't know much about him I am afraid except that he died in the First World War flying the last plane defending Bucharest, certainly he is included on the Aviation War Memorial there.

His father was General Mihail Capsa. I notice on another web site that Nicu flew in front of Tsar Nicholas during his visit to Romania. Interestingly it was General Mihail who organised the whole visit. Nicu's brother Jean later became an Air Marshal in the Romanian air force.

I will ask my father, Roy who is Nicu's nephew, for more information which I will pass on.
Best Wishes

     If you search for "Nicolae Capsa", using the Google search engine, (12-19-04), you will find about 5 links.
The Romanian Air Corps in WWI
     This page on the Axis History Forum website, offers a very interesting and comprhensive revue of the Romanian Air Corps submitted by "Victor.". It includes mention of many of the pioneer aviators who are found on the pages of my website, including Nicolae Capsa. As a background for a more complete understanding of the stories of each individual aviator, I found it to very helpful. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

Nicu Capsa died on June 27, 1918.
Personal communication from Aurelian Simionescu, 7-10-09

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