Norbert Carolin

First Nightime Photography
Night aerial photograph taken with the use of magnesium flares by Lt. J. C. McKenney (USA) and civilian pilot Norbert Carolin
From Aeronautics and Astronautic Chronology, 1915-1919, NASA


The December, 1958 issue of The National Guardsman official publication of the National Guard Association of the U.S., turned back the pages of time to feature by word and picture the birth and life of the National Guard. Names of Early Birds, such as Beckwith Havens, Gen. Frank Lahm, and Norbert Carolin are mentioned, and Havens is included in three pictures of the early days. Typical scenes in the days from 1912 to 1917 are featured. This article will stir the memories of EB's even though they have had no connection with the national Guard. So, if you want to dip back into the past, read the article.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, January, 1960, Number 62

Norbert Carolin died in 1963
From The Early Birds of Aviation ROSTER, 1996
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