Frederick Raymond Reynolds, Sr.
Supplementary information via email from Stephen J. Stillwell, Jr., 2-29-04
     My mother, the former Jean-Marie Reynolds, is the third daughter and child of the late Frederick Raymond Reynolds, sr. of Mount Holly, New Jersey. My maternal grandfather was a member of the team that recovered the body of Emilio Carranza following the deadly crash of the Excelsior. He also accompanied the body of the great aviator back to Mexico. Unfortunately, my grandfather shared very little of this experience with me. As an historian, I am sorry that I did not sit him down and get the whole story from him before he died. My family connection with the events of that day continue, as my father is the owner of Bob White Flower Shop in Mount Holly which has for years supplied nearly a dozen wreaths for the annual remembrance services at the crash site.
     Attached to this e-mail are digital photographs of the medals my grandfather received for his role in the story. First, there is the Carranza medal.
The obverse is a likeness of Carranza. At the top is the date "1929." Starting from the back of his head and running to the front of the base of his neck, it reads "XII.9.05 * V.25.28 * VI.12.28" -- then there is an olive branch. The periods are raised so that they are centered vertically and the five-point stars are also centered vertically.
The reverse is an etching of the front half of the plane. The words on this side are roughly positioned as follows:
       Additionally, my grandfather received the Order of Military Merit, 3rd class. It is also shown in the digital photographs in its presentation case.  
The inside cover of the case reads:
Joyeria y Relojeria
The medal reads:
"Merito Militar" above the Eagle
and "3a Clase" below.

     I hope this little bit of my family history adds to the overall understanding of Emilio Carranza and his tragic death, so many years ago.
Stephen J. Stillwell, Jr.

Carranza Memorial Service
from Bob Barney, 11-7-08

     I came across minutes in the Post 11 records. My records indicate that he was given the award October 25th, 1944 at the Barclay Hotel, Philadelphia, PA. A banquet of 350 prominent people sponsored by the Philadelphia Regional Inter-American Center.
     The highlight of the evening was the awarding of medals and citations to four members of the Captain Emilio Carranza Committee who were also past commanders. They were A. Forrest Albright, Albert LeDuc, Fredrick Reynolds, and Harry Burbank. Ambassador Najera presented the medals (Military Order of Merit with Green ribbons)
for "their efforts in promoting Good-Will between nations"
"as a symbol of deep gratitude felt by the National Military for their sympathies toward Mexico, as manifested in the occasions of the celebrations of the anniversary of the death of Captain Emilio Carranza". (Hence know as the Carranza Memorial Service)
     Just thought you might like to know what information I have found...
  Mount Holly American Legion Post 11
Bob Barney - Postmaster / Historian

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