Verne Carter
Long Beach Reunion, 1973
EB CHIRP, January 1974, Number 80

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Wright Brothers Field
Plaque with 119 Names of Flyers Who Trained at Wright Brothers Field
Photo courtesy of J. N. Parmalee

     The name of Verne Carter is found on the plaque pictured above among the 119 names of pioneer flyers who trained at the Wright Brothers field at Huffman Prairie. To visit the page which lists all of the flyers, and which displays several photographs of the memorial, just click on:

  Verne Carter learned to fly at the Wright Aviation School in Dayton, Ohio, under flying instructor Howard M Rinehart in 1915, when F.A.I. Airplane Certificate # 332 was issued to him.
     Then came the Attica Aviation Company, of Attica, Ohio, which possessed a warping wing, with a Kirkham engine in the nose of a cylindrical fuselage, whose circular ribs plainly showed through the fabric.
     Carter was test pilot. He had never seen any other airplane except a Wright before that one, and it refused to takeoff. Exhibition dates contracted for were nearing and in his first attempt to fly it, he cracked it up. He was unhurt but the plane never filled a date.
     He then bought an interest in a Benoist flying-boat and stayed with Benoist until brother Charles wound up the Company's affairs, after Tom Benoist's death. Carter was a member of the Tiffin, Ohio Fire Department from 1935 to 1956.
     Verne Carter died on May 18, 1964. He is survived by two sons,Robert V. Carter of North Hollywood, California and James Carter, 70 Hopewell Avenue, Tiffin, Ohio.

From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
December 1964, Number 71

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