; Louis Chandenier,
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French Aviator Burned to Death
Body of Lieut. Chandenier CompletelyConsumed

The Daily Times
Chattanooga, Tennessee, August 29, 1912,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 8-14-04
Douai, France, Aug. 28
      Lieut. Chandenier, of the aviation corps, was burned to death while flying in his aeroplane today. He started from this city for Chalons. When he reached Crecy-Sur-Seine his petrol tank burst into flames and the machine dropped. The young officer's body was completely consumed.

     If you search for "Chandenier +aviation", using the Google search engine, (8-14-04), you will find about 4 links, only one of which appears to be relevant.

Aviation Deaths 1910-1914
     This page, which was compiled by Dave Lam and which is found on my Early Birds of Aviation website, confirms the information which is reported in the newsclipping. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Lieut. Chandenier died in a crash on August 29, 1912.
from the newsclipping courtesy of Bob Davis, 8-14-04
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