Roy C. Kirtland
Captain C. Def. Chandler and Lt. Roy C. Kirtland in Wright B airplane
with the first machine gun (Lewis) ever fired from a plane - 1912
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Who's Who in American Aeronautics
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     CHANDLER, CHARLES DE FOREST, Lt. Col. Air Service, retired; born Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 24, 1878; son of Frank M. Chandler and Effie May (Barney) Chandler
     Educated: Public schools, high schools, Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio; Army Signal School, Ft. Leavenworth
     Professional: Officer, U. S. Army, 1898-1899 and from Feb. 2, 1901 to date; Ohio National Guard, 1896 to 1898 and 1899 to 1901      Aeronautical Activities: Pct/ 22. 1906. first balloon voyage; first airplane flight 1909, with Wilbur Wright; Commanding Officer of first army aviation schools, College Park, Md. and Augusta, Ga., 1911 to 1913; Officer in Charge Aeronautical Division, Signal Office, War Department from Aug. 1907 to May 1908 member of Board of Officers conducting Wright airplane trials at Fort Myer, Va., 1909; aviation duty, Philippine Islands, May to Nov. 1913
     Flying Ratings : Spherical balloon; pilot certificate No. 8, F.A.I. (1907); Aviation Pilot Certificate No. 59, F.A.I. (1911); Military Aviator Certificate No. 5, Aero Club of America.
     War Service: Commanding Officer, Army Balloon School, Ft. Omaha, Nov. 1916 to April 1917; Chief, Balloon Division, Washington, April to Oct. 1917; A. E. F. France, Nov 1917 to Feb. 1918; Chief Balloon and Airship Division, Army-Air Service, March 1918 to Oct. 16, 1920
     Member: The Lambs; Chevy Chase Club; Army and Navy Club (Wash); Army and Navy Club (Manila); Cleveland Athletic Club; Military Order Carabao; Military Order Foreign Wars; American Meteorological Society; N.A.A.
     Present Occupation: Retired Army Officer
     Address: 1716 H. St., N. W., Washington, D.C.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Wright Brothers Field
Plaque with 119 Names of Flyers Who Trained at Wright Brothers Field
Photo courtesy of J. N. Parmalee

     The name of Charles deForest Chandler is found on the plaque pictured above among the 119 names of pioneer flyers who trained at the Wright Brothers field at Huffman Prairie. To visit the page which lists all of the flyers, and which displays several photographs of the memorial, just click on:

Biography of Charles deForest Chandler
Colonel, United States Army

as Recorded on the Arlington National Cemetery Website
through the courtesy of Michael Patterson, Webmaster

Born at Cleveland, Ohio, December 24, 1878 he joined the Army in June 1898. He was a Captain in the Signal Corps when Brigadier General James Allen on August 1, 1907 established an Aeronautical Bureau by office memorandum and put him in charge of it, assisted by two enlisted men. He was Commanding Officer of the Aviation School at College Park, Maryland, when Henry "Hap" Arnold, Tommy Milling and many other Early-day aviation fledglings took their training. During World War I, he served in France as chief Chief of the Balloon Section of the Air Service.
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