Harry P Christofferson
Kitty Hawk Celebration
December 16, 1961
From Chirp, No. 96


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       Harry P Christofferson was born in Spencer, Iowa, March 31, 1884. Built a monoplane, 1910; was mechanic for Charles Walsh on Curtiss pusher, 1911, Learned to fly, 1912; barnstormed, 1912 to 1915; pilot for J. Paulding Edwards Flying School, San Carlos, California, 1917; Howell & Lesser Co., San Francisco, California, building "jennies", 1918 to 1919.
     In 1919, Harry built an airplane which he said anyone could duplicate in his own workshop. He unveiled it March 31, 1919, when he flew it out of the aerodrome over the heads of the observers, soared out over the ocean, banked right to the Cliff House at San Francisco and then returned for a triumphant landing.
     "I feel my plane will make flying for everybody," he said after the flight, "It is the Ford idea expressed in a new way. Why just think, the boy, when he tires of his motorcycle engine could buy it and fly it, just as he could learn to ride a bicycle.
     Christofferson owned and operated a flying school in Redwood City, California. many of the Early Birds made their first flights there.
     Harry Christofferson died Sunday, December 8, 1968 in a Santa Clara hospital at the age of 84. Funeral services were held at the Gantner-Felder-Kenny Mortuary. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Virginia Haas, and two brothers, Carl and Nate Christofferson.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP,
January, 1969, Number 75

Harry P Christofferson died in 1968
From The Early Birds of Aviation
Roster of Members
January 1, 1993

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