Here is a chronology of the major happenings and performances in the history of the Early Birds organization. In the last issue, "Looking Backward" gave a running account of inception and development, the proposed museum, the Wright restoration and details of other principal events and projects. The following is an attempt to list reunions and other activities in a review of past events in life with the EBs.
     Dec. 3, 1928. Chicago---Air Show. REUNION, organization meeting and Election. P. G. B. Morriss is named first president.
     Dec. 15, Joint EB-NAA luncheon in Washington during International Aeronautic Conference.
     Dec. 17. EBs participate in the unveiling of a bronze plaque at Los Angeles Metropolitan Airport:
       Jan. 30, 1929. Washington EBs are lectured by Dr. Alexander Wetmore, Assistant Secretary of Smithsonian.
     Feb. 7, 1929. Dinner of the eastern EBs in New York during American Legion air show.
     April 8, 1929. Southern California Chapter NAA pays homage to local EBs at a banquet in Los Angeles.
     May 30, 1929. EB memorial tablet placed on Holmes Airport, New York:
       July 22, 1929. First meeting of first membership committee passes 187 candidates.
     Aug. 27, 1929/ Cleveland---Air Races. REUNION. General Lahm, pioneer Wright pilot, guest of honor at banquet. National Shrine argued and historical committee augmented. National reunions to be held annually during the national races.
     Sept. 24, 1929. New York nest is on the air during the Radio World Fair.
     Dec. 21, 1929. Wright anniversary celebration by eastern EBs in New York, with a memorial broadcast by Frank Coffyn and others.
     Feb. 12, 1930. New York. At Annual Election, Earle Ovington becomes president. Museum project continues. Los Angeles and New York hold simultaneous banquets in which Lincoln is recalled as parent of America's first air service. In New York is re-enacted the roles of DaVinci and Lilienthal. Los Angeles and New York EB notables are introduced by trans-continental telephone, and from Europe EB Robert Esnault-Pelterie, of stick control fame delivers an address.
     Feb. 22, 1930. St. Louis area EBs collect to hear EB Commander Willis Haviland talk power gliders.
     April 15, 1931. Detroit---Air Show. William E. Scripps entertains EBs from everywhere at the Detroit Athletic Club.
     May 1, 1931. Dinner to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Day on their starting world tour . . . and they are met by the EBs upon their return on December 20, followed by a celebration at the Elks Club in New York, Jan. 9, 1932.
     Aug. 27, 1931. Chicago---EB Day at Air Races. REUNION, with EBs given the freedom of all the meets by Cliff Henderson. Return of the Wright plane from London and a museum building the objective of the year. The usual banquet, as at all past and subsequent reunions and elections. Written and enacted for the EBs is The Extra Ace. Historical committee chairman Waterman reports progress on a history of the pioneers.
     Feb. 18, 1931, New York, Election of Commodore F. G. Ericson; banquet and theatre party.
     April 15, 1931. Detroit---Air Show. William E. Scripps entertains EBs from everywhere at the Detroit Athletic Club.
     Sep. 1, 1931. Cleveland---EB Day at Air Races. REUNION . The checkered cap appears; Clayton Knight completes design of the membership certificate. Return of 1903 Wright further discussed. A dance and a film of the EBs and their early machines.
     Sept. 23, 1931. Dean Smith flies a group of EBs in American Airways Pilgrim over the 1911 Ovington first air mail route, while Ovington himself participates in an observance in Los Angeles.
     Dec. 5, 1931. Eastern EBs celebrate anniversary of Cal Rodgers entertainment, home - made or 1911.
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