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     If you search for "Enrico Cobioni", using the Google search engine, (9-12-08), you will find about 96 links. Most of them are in Italian, but machine translations are often available directly from the page.

Avant-propos d'anniversaire
par Louis Lachat, Président de la section Jura-Nord de l'AéCS

Foreword d'anniversaire by Louis Lachat, President of the section Jura-North of l'AéCS
     This page, which is written in French, offers a biography of Cobioni and a very nice picture of him in his aeroplane. For those of us who don't read French, Mr. Chris Thompson of Braintree, Essex, UK, has kindly made a translation into English for us. We are very grateful to him for his contribution.
"Henri Cobioni (1881 - 1912) - of Tessinoise origin, a native of Tavanne, he set up a workshop at Moutier and built an aeroplane of the Bleriot type in 1909. He learned to fly at Chartres in the same class as Roland Garros. He made his career in Tessin and in Italy with Agostini and Caproni where he achieved several distance and altitude records. In 1912 he was star-billing at the Delemont aviation meeting at La Chaux-de-Fonds where he was the victim of a fatal accident together with his passenger, a journalist from the F.A.N, on 15 October 1912. At Magadino a commemorative plaque, erected by the AeCS of Locarno, places Cobioni in the ranks of the great conquerors of the air alongside Spelterin and Taddeoli."

     You can access the website by clicking on the title above.

Editor's Note:Mr. Thompson, who we have to thank for the translation of the biography of Cobioni from the French, included the following note in his email message of 1-2-06.
" As an aviation enthusiast and collector of picture-postcards, living for much of the year in France, I have just acquired an interesting ppc showing Cobioni and his unfortunate passenger, the editor Bippert. This was sold to raise money for the families of the two victims.
Chris Thompson, Braintree, Essex, UK"

Aeroplani Caproni
Aeroplani Caproni Gianni Caproni and His Aircraft 1910-1983
Product Details
Language: Italian:
List Price: $98.00
Publisher: Museo Caproni 1992:
Offered for Sale By:
Gian Luigi Fine Books Inc.
P. O. Box 38079
Albany, New York
United States 12203
Phone: 518 438-4697
  The book is for sale at:
Museo Gianni Caproni,
Via Lidorno 3 - 38100 Trento, Italy
Tel. +39-0461-944888
Fax +39-0461-944900
or Museo tridentino di scienze naturali
Gianni Caproni - The Pioneer 1910 - 1914;
The Caproni in the First World War;
The post-war prototypes;
Towards the "sky battleship";
The light biplanes;
The general robust monoplanes;
The experimentales and sanitaries
Caproni Aeronautica Bergamasca;
The universe Caproni 1929 -1945;
From the propeller to the jet 1945 - 1983;
The museum Caproni.
Editor's Note: This information, including the photograph of the cover, was kindly supplied by Giovanni Giorgetti who translated it from the Italian.

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