Samuel Franklin Cody
Colonel Samuel Franklin Cody
March 17, 1909
from the Library of Congress Collection, 12-12-06

via email from Bill Evans, 8-14-08
Dear Mr Cooper,
     I am a retired commercial pilot living in Houston Texas. My father a captain in the 21st Lancers cavalry regiment was stationed in Aldershot prior to World War one. He knew Cody and after an evening in the officer's mess, Cody arranged for my father to meet him at Farnborough airbase to fly the next morning. My father had never flown before, being more used to horses than flying machines. There is a deep railroad cutting near the airbase crossed by a road bridge. Much to my father's dismay and terror the gallant Colonel flew under the bridge missing the structure by only a few feet.
     My Dad died at the age of 92 and never flew in an airplane again.
Bill Evans
Houston Texas

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Samuel Franklin Cody
"S. F. Cody"
from the S. F. Cody website
Courtesy of Jean Roberts
     "Presented here is a brief summary of the life and achievements of Samuel Franklin Cody (1867-1913), showman, kite developer and aviator, a man of greatly diverse talents and for me a subject of abiding fascination. It is based on the information I have gathered during many years of research in Britain, America and Europe. There are, however, still many gaps in the story and further information and comments would be welcome.
Please feel free to e-mail me "
Editor's Note:
     This introductory paragraph, which I have extracted from the website, will serve to introduce you to the definitive history of this very colorful character. Be prepared to get to know a man who was not only a pioneer aviator, but also a showman, a kite flyer, a ballonist, glider builder and all around fascinating character. The author has assembled a wonderful story of his life and career, fully illustrated with many priceless photographs. Plan to spend a lot of time on the site. You will be amply rewarded. You can visit the site by clicking on the title above.

Samuel Franklin Cody (1867-1913)

Image of the Month: September 2003
Luncheon Party for distinguished French and English Aviators
at the House of Commons, 1909.
The photograph features:
Back row, left to right:
Sir Alliott Verdon-Roe, George Renwick (MP), John Martin (Daily Telegraph), Mr Robins (press), Dr Macnamara, Mr Renwick Jnr, Sir Reginald Ambrose Cave-Browne-Cave, T P O'Connor (MP), Hon Charles S Rolls, Hon William Lygon, Dr Lockyer.
Front row, left to right: Edward Purkis Frost,
Louis Bleriot, Samuel Cody, William Du Cros (MP), Frank Hedges Butler and Colonel Massy.
Louis Bleriot (1872-1936) is probably the most well known person in this picture. He was an aviator who made the world's first over-the-ocean flight in a heavier-than-air craft in July 1909 when he crossed the English Channel in a monoplane.
Also featured are: Frank Hedges Butler (1855-1928), who was a balloonist and pioneer of flying; Charles S Rolls (1877-1910), who was an engineer and aviator; and Samuel Cody (1861-1913), who was a cowboy, showman and areonautical pioneer.

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Samuel Franklin Cody
"Colonel Samuel Franklin Cody"
from the Ash Vale & Aldershot Web Site.
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via email from Terry Flinders, 12-11-06
Dear Mr Cooper,
     I hope you will not mind my writing to you. I have a family interest in S F Cody, being a retired aircraft engineer myself (Vickers Supermarine Scimitar and Concorde).
     Brief family records suggest that my grandfather's brother Henry (Harry) Flinders (1870 to 1951) was a mechanic for Cody but I have found no other references to this. Can you suggest any archive where my great uncle's name may be mentioned? As the family genealogist (after my cousin Keith Flinders in NZ !) I am dealing with a query from a Kelly Selcher who is a direct descendent of Harry's wife and if anything exists in print re the names of Cody's mechanics, or their activities, I would very much like to know. Obviously, as a one-time aircraft design engineer, I am also interested for myself.
      After leaving Cody's employment, Harry lived for some time as a professional gambler. This fits the general atmosphere around the Cody character I think!
With best wishes and the hope of a reply.
Yours sincerely,
T. G. (Terry) Flinders, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK.
Editor's Note: If you can help Terry and me with information on Henry Flinders, please contact me and I will forward the message to him.

Cody crashed and died on August 7, 1913.
from the Ashvale & Aldershot Web Site.

Editor's Note:
If you have any more information on this pioneer aviator
please contact me.
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