Cole Aero Eight
The Lake County Motor Sales
The Oakland Car
Collection of Jim Thomas, 4-22-05

Message to Leroy Cole
via email from Jim Thomas, 4-16-05
Hi Leroy,
     My interest in your Cole Aero Eight website was the fact that my Grandfather E. L. Cunningham sold the Cole Aero Eight along with Dort, Oakland and Liberty cars from 1914 through 1926. He decided to get to get out of the car business when General Motors took over the Oakland car that he thought they would ruined a fine car.
      My grandfather died in 1962 he had lived most of his life as a business man in a small town Painesville, Ohio while I grew up on in Southern California. I have only met my granddad a few times and know what some of the my family relatives have told me.
     Pictured are above is my Grandfather letterhead showing a picture of the Oakland car. Below the letterhead are a couple of sales slips and one showing the Cole Aero Eight. Note the filling out the year 192___.
     I was very excited to see the Cole Aero Eight website and would like to know the year dates of the cars shown. I wish I had a story to tell in connection to the Cole Aero Eight or how many those cars he sold. All I know is that my grandfather sold 132 cars the first year he was in business and that is without any creative financing.
     Yes, Please send me what you have I will be interested. Thanks so very much for getting back to me.
Jim Thomas of San Diego

     If you search for "Cole Aero Eight", using the Google search engine, (4-22--05), you will find about 64 links, including one to this website.

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