AKA Jaime González Grocier
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     "Cuban aviator - Born at Cienfuegos, Las Villas on February 13, 1895. At a time when aviation was virtually unknown in Cuba he began to experiment with small airplanes of his own construction. They were so well and ingeniously constructed that he was able to fly them to considerable heights.
     After accompanying the American aviator, James Ward, on several flights, Gonzalez Crocier y Crocier left for France to study at Bleriot's school in Chateaufort. In December, 1913 the International Aeronautical Federation granted him pilot's certificate Number 1566.
      After he returned to Cuba, his first flight was at Perla del Sur, and after that he flew in many parts of the Republic. On May 20, 1914 he left Cienfuegos carrying a latter pouch and a Cuban flag. He fought through a heavy fog and passed Constancia, Abreus, Rodas, Colon, Jovellanos, Matanzas, and finally he reached his destination at Morro Castle. For this he won the national prize for the first flight over 200 kilometers.
      In 1915 he entered the air force as a lieutenant. A flight which he began from Havana on May 20, 1915 to the destination of San Francisco, California could not be completed because of lack of resources.
     He died in a plane crash on July 4, 1920 after taking off from Baracoa to Jaguey Grande - Cuba
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Jaime Gonzáles Grocier
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     If time permits and you are curious, you will be rewarded by going to the homesite and sampling some of the other sections. Of special interest are the sections entitled: "Civil Aviation History," Military Aviation History," Equipment and Pictures, "Peoples," and "Articles." Most of the sections are in English and offer some unique information on early Cuban aviation and aviators.

Jaime Gonzalez Crocier died in a crash on July 4, 1920.
from philately.com
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