Raiche-Crout Biplane, First Member's Machine to Fly

     A new biplane was constructed by Francois Raiche, in association with C. M. Crout, who built the motor. This machine was not unlike the Society's in general design, but had some slight improvements, such as shock absorbers, and brakes on the rear wheels instead of only on the front one. Variations were also made in the measurements, so that the machine was smaller, and, it was hoped, would be faster. It proved to be the first machine built at Morris Park to get off the ground. It was tried out early in September, and Mr. Crout, who was operating it, made a successful flight of about fifty feet. Subsequently this machine was one of the features of the Aeronautical Exposition at Madison Square Gardens, and, later, went to Danbury, Conn., Fair.
from Bulletin Nol 1, Aeronautic Society, 1908-1909

Charles M. Crout driving the Thomas Windwagon

     Dr. Thomas' wind-wagon, redesigned and rebuilt, was put through its paces by Chas.M. Crout, and gave a surprising demonstration of speed. Prof Pickering's also did good work---but it was mostly in the form of severe exercise for the operator.
from Bulletin Nol 1, Aeronautic Society, 1908-1909

Charles M. Crout on the AeroFiles Site

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The date of his death is unknown.

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