John F. Curran
John F. Curran
John F. Curran
EB Reunion, 1960
About 1960
EB Reunion, 1964

John F. Curran

Here you see him relaxed in the kayak which carries
"The Early Birds" in word and insignia

Jack Curran of Long Island City continues to operate the Curran Machine Works, but he also gets in a proper amount of recreation. One of his lastest forms of exercise is paddling a kayak, and Jack, who has owned power and sail boats of all sorts and sizes, says there is nothing quite like the kayak. No vibration; he says, from the "armstrong" motor and no smell of gasoline or oil to pollute the air. He recommends it for "tired Blood."

John J. Curran died in 1966
From The Early Birds of Aviation Roster of Members, 1996

John F. Curran
J. J. Curran EB 1913
Image Courtesy of Roy Nagl

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