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Glenn Curtiss, 1907
Glenn Curtiss - 1907
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"Trans-Atlantic Aero Flight is Fifty Percent Assured,
According to the Airman Glenn H. Curtiss,

Knoxville Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: February 21, 1914,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 4-18-07
Washington, Feb. 20. - Success for the proposed trans-Atlantic aeroplane flight is fifty percent assured," according to Glenn H. Curtiss, here seeking scientific information on air currents that sweep the Atlantic. Government scientists believe these forces of nature can be used to great advantage by aviators competing in the race proposed by Rodman Wanamaker.
     Mr. Curtiss tonight said the plans for the big machine to fly over the ocean are virtually settled on. When completed, the craft will weigh three tons and will be three times the size of any airboat yet attempted by American genius. The engine has an estimated fuel consuming capacity of 100 pounds of gasoline an hour, and under normal conditions will supply 200 horsepower.
     "It merely is a big machine with a lot of power," said Mr. Curtiss. "There is nothing freakish about it. If we can get a favorable wind for the flight, so much the better, but I want to have power enough to make the distance regardless of the wind. I rather think the chances are in favor of our making the trip at the first trial."

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