Lt. H. H. Dargue
Lt. Herbert Dargue
Collection of J. J. Snyder, 11-27-07

Vernon L. Burge
Lt. Herbert Dargue (or Cpl. Vernon Burge)
in the Burgess-Wright Hydroaeroplane
Photo from the website, EARLY SEAPLANES
Courtesy of Roy Nagl
I heartily recommend that you visit his sites.

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES - 1 via email from Roy Nagl, 1-12-2002
Dear Ralph:
     I was just thinking that you might want to take a look at my web pages on early seaplanes at http://www.roynagl.0catch.com/seaplanes.htm. Some of these vintage photos were taken in the Philippines, around 1913, and I believe these photos may relate to the U.S. Air Corps Philippine Air School.
     One of the photos, on the second page, has a closeup of a pilot in a Burgess-Wright Hydroplane, and it may show either Herbert Dargue or Vernon Burge, two of the aviators from the school, who are, also, two of the early birds featured on your web site. Of, course, you are welcome to use any of these photos and any help in identifying the photos is always welcome!
Best wishes!

Lt. H. H. Dargue
A Burgess Model I Hydroaeroplane
in the Philippines,
which crashed on January 1, 1913
Photo from J. J. Snyder, 11-27-07
Identification from the website, EARLY SEAPLANES
Courtesy of Roy Nagl

Herbert Arthur Dargue - Mystery Plane No. 30
Collection of J. J. Snyder, 11-27-07

Herbert Arthur Dargue - Mystery Plane No. 39
Collection of J. J. Snyder, 11-27-07

Col. Herbert Arthur Dargue & Lt. Lucas, 1918
Library of Congress Collection, 11-7-10

Maj. Herbert Arthur Dargue & Lt E. C. Whitehead
Pan-American Good Will Flight - 1926
Collection of J. J. Snyder, 11-27-07

     If you search for "Herbert Dargue", using the Google search engine, (9-21-07), you will find about 379 links. Among the most helpful are the following.


     To visit his entry on this site, first click on National Aviation Hall of Fame to go to the homepage. Next, highlight and click on "Enshrinees List" at the lower left corner of the page. You will find an alphabetical listing of all enshrinees on this page. Then highlight and click on his name.
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Herbert Arthur Dargue
     This page on Michael Robert Patterson's "Arlington National Cemetery" website offers a revue of his career and includes several important photographs from his service in Mexico and the Philippines.There is also a nice photograph of his headstone. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

     You will find mentions of Herbert Dargue and several of his colleagues in this story on the National Museum of the Air Force website.You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, I heartily recommend that you take further advantage of this remarkable resource by clicking on:
National Museum of the Air Force

They Also Flew
Product Details
Paper: 264 pages; 6x9 inches
Used Price: from $0.47
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press 1992
ISBN: 1 56098-108-3
COMMENTS via email from Dave Lam, 9-16-07
     There is LOTS of information on both Burge and Darge in: Lee Arbon, "They Also Flew-- the Enlisted Pilot Legacy 1912-1942", published by Smithsonian press in 1992. It is available on line, and I recently saw a really cheap copy on ebay. If you want information on early US military aviation, this is a great resource.
     The two flew together at Corregidor in 1913 ( I think Burge was a Sergeant rather than a Corporal by then). Interestingly, the photo at the top of your page on Darge does not appear to be the Burgess-Wright (#17) in which they flew together in the Phillipines--- That one, of which I have a photo from a book, seems to have had an enclosed "cockpit" area, rather than the oldstyle "sit on the wing" system of this Burgess-Wright. I wonder if they subsequently modified the aircraft to have an enclosed, boat-like, cabin??
     Darge died as a Major General in a plane crash 12 Dec 1941, 5 days after Pearl Harbor, in the crash of a transport Plane while enroute to the West Coast with war plans.

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