AKA George DeJean Beeson

George DeBeeson
from the George De Beeson website
Coutesy of Max DeBeeson, 3-21-04

     If you search for "George DeBeeson", using the Google search engine,
(6-22-04), you will find about 17 links. The one cited immediately below is far and away the most important of all.

The Untold Story Of A Pioneer Aviator, Artist, and Inventor
     This website, which was assembled by Max DeBeeson, George's son, is the definitive source of information on him and his contemporaries. Max has built a monumental salute to his father, his life, his career and his accomplishments. Included are sections devoted to: Untold Story, Vintage Aircraft, Early Flying, Robot Pictures, Documents, What Others Have Said, New Concept Explained, Newspaper Clippings, and much, much more.
     Included on the site is a copy of "A EULOGY OF FRANCESCO DE PINEDO, THE FORGOTTEN HERO," by Enrico Pelitti.
      You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

George DeBeeson died in 1965.
Personal communication from Max DeBeeson.

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